Wendi Jack
deliberate wellness

Thanks for popping by! My own life is about moving forward, from all physical and emotional trauma and drama; moving beyond that to Be and Do the Best version of me each day. Mind, Body, Spirit alignment. I’m here with you- to inspire, assist, and design your personal journey to wellness. What could your life be like in one month, one year and beyond?!? Let’s chat to explore possibilities and set you on your way to being the Best you too!



Swedish Massage, Thai Massage and Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment.

Energy Healing

Access the Bars, Reiki Tapping, EFT, Emotion Code, and Body Code.


Yoga Tune-Up and Yoga Therapy.

Featured Video

Wendi is truly one of the most gifted healers I have had the pleasure of working with. Her remote sessions are just as profound as the sessions I had with her in person. She is a compassionate and intuitive healer, with unique gifts and abilities.
My sessions with her have been some of the most healing experiences of my life. I feel honored to have spent the time with her I have been able to spend.

Bethany Cheney, Second Degree Reiki Practitioner

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