Wendi Jack

My Story

I fell in love with yoga almost before I learned to walk.

When I was still a toddler, Mom would practice yoga following along with pioneering yoga teachers on Public Television. (I guess Mom was a pioneer, too!) Yoga was so exotic then, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, that yoga mats weren’t yet available. On my little towel right next to Mom, I would proudly display my best attempts at what I guess would be “Downward Puppy.” This puppy grew up, but never strayed far from the yoga mat.

Yoga is an ancient, sacred philosophy, a worldview as well as a physical practice; I wanted to know more. Yoga studios and fitness centers didn’t exist at that time, so I turned to my local library. I found instructional VHS tapes (starring the Flintstones, of course) and great books. I devoured these with the same enthusiasm I’d felt while practicing with my mother.

Massage: A Natural Progression

I was stepping into the magical world of the naturally well body; the hands-on healing practice of massage was a logical progression for me. I studied at the Connecticut Center for Massage in 1992, where I received a thorough grounding in Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology, Neurology and more, becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist.

I love Thai Massage, an ancient form of healing performed on a thick cotton mat with the client fully clothed. It incorporates a series of stretches, compression, and range-of-motion moves to produce great relaxation and rejuvenation. Thai Massage is referred to as “Lazy Man’s Yoga,” since it bestows many of the benefits of a yoga experience.

YOGA : still progressing!

I next trained as and became a Certified Yoga Instructor, and studied Yoga Therapy, which is special-focus. It’s tailored to clients’ individual needs, challenges, and goals using poses, breathwork, massage and the like.

I’ve studied many yoga disciplines with a range of well-known and respected teachers. I honor them all by weaving their wisdom into my classes and private lessons.

Among the many things I love about yoga is the idea that the Guru is not a person, but a divine principle which resides in each of us. Yoga leads us there.

I love connecting, helping, and healing. I love my work.

Whether for yoga, massage or other modalities, Wendi is an expert- and the living, breathing model of a healer. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Vicki D , NYC & CT

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