Swedish Massage

Utilizes oils and light to deep pressure designed to release tension and induce relaxation & sense of well-being tailored to each client’s needs.

60 minute $85, 90 minute $125

Traditional Thai Massage​

Performed on a thick cotton mat, with the client fully clothed. Rhythmic pressure enhances the range of motion, stretching, compression. Special work adds fire cupping, scraping techniques. Wear loose/ comfy clothing.

60 minute $85, 90 minute $125

Access Bars

When the 32 points on the head are touched and the energy runs, it releases thoughts, feelings, emotions that are no longer necessary, don’t belong to us. People report better health, ease of sleep, weight loss, better sex and relationships, relief from anxiety, less stress and so much more.

60 minute $85, 90 minute $125

Energy Healing


 A non-invasive healing technique that releases tension, creating deep relaxation; assisting the body’s natural healing response. Clients leave feeling calm and balanced.

60 minute $85

Emotion/Body Code

Created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, is a simple, non-invasive yet highly effective tool that addresses the underlying causes of everyday issues. It locates and releases trapped emotions that have been stored for years or lifetimes.

60 minute $85


EFT, also known as ‘tapping,’ is a guided session where the therapist teaches client specific meridian points on the body to lightly tap on themselves, improving physical and emotional stresses.

60 minute $85

Yoga Services

Yoga Therapy 

Yoga at its simplest is a series of stretches and postures that guide the mind, body, and spirit into perfect health and alignment.

60 minute $85

Yoga Tune Up

Incorporates therapy balls into each session encouraging the release of tension trapped deep into the fascia.

60 minute $85

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